The Meemaw Project is an arts council funded dance, music and theatre project. 

It is a queer love story, a story about the ways in which history is hidden and repeats itself.

With Hannes Langolf (DV8), Juliet Knight, Sophie Crawford, Remi Graves, Jenny Reeves, Sara Marshall, Jean St Clair, Mia Ward and Laura

Evelyn the project will explore meemaw, a signed and lipread language created by women for women to communicate over the deafening noise

of weaving sheds in the 19th and early 20th century and rhthmic clog dancing that developed alongside it.

Through dance, music and sign the Meemaw Project will explore the history of colonialism and exploitation that has attended the creation of

clothes and textiles and still persists today as well as the culture that has grown out of it.

R&D is taking place in July 2021 and a film of our work so far will be available in September.

If you would like any more information or to be part of the consultation on our work then do >>get in touch<<